There is quite sometime i didn't upload this blog
Not that I don't wanna update
just that sometimes I don't know what to say

There will be never ending stories when it comes to my sad sad story
Sad~~ movies~~ Always makes me cry~~~

Cut the crap
Since I saw someone request my updates, No problem
Here you go
Series of unfortunate event recently
My personal life?
Still single, crap as always, Junky and sucks
I just have the feeling that, I am not appreciated
What ever I do, people never noticed, Or if they did
They ignored

I've been trying to be nice and get close, but people seems trying to run away
And, I've been giving questions, requesting answers, but in the end, answers comes out from someone else
Guess I am someone that not worth to talk to, Even things like this I don't get reject in my face, but through someone else
Know What? I hate it
I really really hate it
It hurts more than you slap in my face.
Why Just can't tell me, that I'm done, we're done, simple right?


There is always conflicts and funny stuff happen when it comes to group assignment
Especially ALOT of people in a group
Like what I am having now, a 15 people group assignment
Task is shoot a 15-30 mins short film
Well i Guess this is what we're studying, and what we're going to do in the future, or at least internship, right?
I did not expect everyone to be expert
At least I was wishing everyone will be doing job
As in, try to help out, try to do stuff, just DO things
But it isn't come out that way

We have our post, who is directer, who is this and that
AND some people just taking it too serious
they think, once we've got this job, we can ONLY do this job
OTHERS can't help, and nor do they
Funny thinking right?
As a team, we should help out each other, you can't do, we help
We can't do, you help, simple as that
Final Goal? get the short film ready and done nicely

OF COURSE, conflict makers won't think that way
They say, 'He/she is over the borderline'
But when they say things like this, they never think
What is their contribution in this production
They think they do their job well, AND THAT'S IT
While We're thinking how to make the short film go well
They are thinking how to act well in the group

You ask them do extra stuff, they refuse
People are busy shooting
And I am acting
They are reading magazine
I don't give a damn
With your current attitude, when it comes to internship
I'd say, good luck and fair well
During production, everyone suppose to stand by
Beside or outside where they shooting


I am so tired, tired in chasing after people
Tired in doing assignments
Tired in remaining relationships, bonds with others

But no matter what, I just need to take a break, riight?

Good day to everyone, and Good luck to everyone

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